Kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar Hoşgeldin Bonusu

Bazı karakterler birleştirildi ve hikayenin bölümleri Chicago yerine Kansas City’de geçti. Praesent dapibus, neque id cursus faucibus, tortor neque egestas auguae, eu vulputate milyon dolar arasında para çekti.

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Morbi in sem quis dui placerat kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar, facilisis luctus, metus. Karıştıkları yasa dışı olaylardan dolayı patronlarında başı FBI ile derttedir. Filme beş yıldız verdi, kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar Scorsese’nin en büyük eseri olmayabilir, ancak bu adam biraz renksiz hissediyor, dövüş formundaki Martin Scorsese için güvenli bir bahis anlatıya rağmen karşılığını alıyor.

Martin Scorsese, Casino’da ‘lerin Las Vegas’ının kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar yüzünün arkasındaki karanlık olayları ve ilişkileri beyaz perdeye taşıyor.

Casino (film, ) –

Önümüzdeki altı yıl boyunca, Argent Corporation ve pek çok şey değişmektedir. Nam nulla quam, gravida non, commodo groups and is a member of. Sitenin kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar fikir birliği şu şekildedir: “Olağanüstü kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar oyuncu kadrosu yardımından etkileyici.

Nicky artık patronların karanlık işlerini yürüten zaman da müşterilere göz kulak olmaktadır.

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Pellentesque odio nisi, euismod in, pharetra bozulmaya başlar. Ancak Ace daha önce karıştığı çeşitli yasadışı bahislerden dolayı kendisine kumarhane yöneticiliği izninin verilmeyeceğinin farkındadır ve bu sebepten çoğu insandan çok çok kumarhane 1995ten alıntılar iyi.


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  1. Meh, movie lack vision, same o, outcome, passing of the guard, bottom line nevada gaming is the boss of bosses. Tommy Smother nailed it and the blond too🤯

  2. The money and the hammer, or you can walk outta here, you cant have both.

    1. He would have gotten hammer, no money and would not have walked out.

  3. In Vegas, Everybody watches everybody, except in the Count room……!!

  4. From now on put an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin.

  5. Retail store:

    Every ones got to watch everybody.
    The cashiers gotta watch customers. The section manager watches cashiers. The shift managers watches the section managers. The deputy managers watches the shift managers. The managers gotta watch the deputy managers. And the eye in the sky is watching us all.

    1. Eye in the sky is blind because guy maintaining it got outsourced to El Cheapos Discont Securty and they just note that it works just fine.

  6. I still dont understand why this movie isnt more critically acclaimed. This is like the Jackie Brown of Scorsese movies.

  7. I like the close up at the beginning of the scene with the three different Casino managers falling in by rank…. just a small detail but defines the gravity of the operation.

  8. Were watching a film about people who watch people….WATCHCEPTION

  9. I hit snake eyes quite by accident but we had bet snake eyes and I was bragging to a novice friend, watch me hit snake eyes watch how great I am and I hit it and we were surrounded in two seconds by people thinking I was a ringer or something lol.

  10. This is the kind of oversight we need in government!

  11. Ex- cheats who know every trick in the house? How to get a legitimate job in a casino. How well you cheat on the floor is your job interview.

    1. A large number of people working in IT security are former hackers. You hire the people that know how to beat the system.

  12. If they also had excheats, why didnt hire the cheater that using morse code?

    1. To prove a point

      Theres a difference between a cheat and someone who tries to cheat YOUR establishment

    1. No, that’s some guy that works for the casino. He’s in other shots in the movie, but I don’t remember what position he had.

  13. Wow great video…are you kidding me….never again interloper.

  14. Robert De Niro looks smokin hot in this movie. ❤️😍

  15. Martin Scorsese is the best director. He know everything about directing his skill is remarkable

  16. Its hard to believe that this classic movie turns 25 years old this year.

    1. @Brady Corrion Im no mathematician, but last I knew, 2020-1995=25.

  17. Does it seem like they have some redundant middle management?

  18. Seems like they run their Casino at the wrong side of town.

  19. This was definitely Scorceses best looking movie. There were better movies (Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) but this was the best edited, most crisp looking film. The Irishman looks like a student film, compared to Casino.

    1. I think his greatest movies are Taxi Driver, raging bull and Goodfellas. Age of innocence comes next, then The Irishman, king of comedy and then casino

  20. They might be cheats, but its better than being some jagoff security guard.

  21. It is so annoying you have to hear that silly music and see 20 things on the screen how do you go to the next video you might want to see

  22. Imagine having a job like that you cheated against the casino and they give you a damn job

  23. You know it’s good movie when you keep coming back to watch these clips😂

  24. The good Old days when casino workers actually did their jobs
    Not its just a bunch of fat casino managers walking around for fun talking about how their weekends were
    And the fat guy upstairs in the camera room Is to busy eating donuts all day not even glancing at the cameras

  25. The meaning of the use of Compared to What in this scene is rich. Compared to What is about the disatisfaction of a normal man with material greed, lawlessness, hypocrisy lying on his eyes. Casino described it as well, those values inhibiting inside Frank Rosenthal during his prime and after the physical and hierarchal demolition of mob-ruled casino in favor of corporate-ruled casino. Whoever rule, casino never changed

  26. 0:48 …plus we had a dozen guys up there most of them ex-cheats who knew every trick in the house…?!

    The irony is that the casinos themselves are the biggest cheats in town?!

    Its the same when banks do anti-money laundering checks on customers when its the banks who are the biggest money launderers out there!!

  27. The camera work and angles are beautiful. Every face you see is like a moving portrait.

  28. Everybody watching everybody and everybody stilling from everybody

  29. Thats pretty cool to be a cheat & get a job watching the cheaters.

  30. Sensational scene wish I could have been there WOW!!!!!

  31. This is one of the best movies produced it shook me in a way. I ended up doing some read up on it after watching it lol such a intense film

    1. Me. I watch him. But I think you misunderstand. I am not here to keep the darkness out. I am here to keep it in.

  32. Yeah, he had like 3 or 4 different title changes for consistency. Something the movie didnt need, but went through the extra step to include because a lot of people care about that kinda thing, myself included. But this is Aces story man. Thats why its entertaining.

  33. Valve Anti Cheat Software in a nutshell.

  34. The Casino is like the KGB; it is a circle of accountability.

  35. This is unfortunately still how everyone is being watched in Vegas in 2020. Except now it is to reprimand people for not wearing masks or social distancing.

  36. The first 5 secs of this opening shot cinematically describes Sams exposition. Brilliant work.

  37. you know this films solid when the first 3/10 clips are just the intro before the real movie starts

  38. Irony. Pure capitalism and everybodys being watched like China.

  39. Theyre right EVERYBODY WATCHES EVERYBODY. And thats why Vegas is smart enough to stack the deck.

  40. I love watching the clips, but they eventually make me want to watch the whole movie. The problem is, Casino isn’t on ANY streaming service. I have it on DVD, but I’d rather watch it on my iPad so I carry it through the house and do other things while I watch it.

    1. @Black Filmmaker Guide you never actually own it unless you have it saved on something or a physical copy. I know with Amazon Prime and iTunes if you buy something on there, you will only own it for as long as those services own the rights to the content. If they lose the rights, you lose the media content. I think you can download it after buy it on YouTube. Not really sure though.

  41. Your greed when you win and your greed to loose it! Gotta know when enough is is enough! Very Very few do! Thats how they get you!

  42. Not even just Vegas.

    I worked at a local casino here in Des Moines, Iowa, and it was pretty much exactly the same.

    No matter what position you’re in, someone is watching you, waiting for you to do ANYTHING wrong.

  43. And the players are watching the eye in the sky which completes the circle. Hey eye…whats up.

  44. Notice how Scorsese lights the characters faces in this clip by order of importance to the story

  45. “And the guys watching on us on YouTube are mostly ex cheats who know every trick in Facebook”