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İspanya Krallığı (Bcn-Mad) – Pgs İle 7 Gece – Kiş – Jolly

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  1. 7:58 i always thought it looked more like a 1970 lincoln town car.

  2. I Love Pontiac Firebirds, so to see one in GTA is incredible!

  3. Déclassé= Chevrolet
    Vapid = Ford
    Bravado= Dodge
    Imponente= Pontiac
    Albany= Cadillac
    Así que ese no es un Camaro se parece pero no lo es , si tuviera varias tomas de aire stock sería un trans am , pero esta liso así que es un fire bird de la década de los 80’s

  4. at 5:20 you said it was part firebird and part camero???? Theyre the same thing

  5. i must say, rockstars imagination is excellent:
    Impala and Impaler. lol

    its for all us car enthusiasts. just wish that rockstar would pay more to make identical copies of the cars

  6. Fun fact the Virgo is a remodel of the esperanto the car it said it was is the esperanto in gta 3 till gta san andreas

  7. The one rule about the Gauntlet is you must color is yellow and black in honor of Bumblebee

  8. the front of the dominator gtx also looks like the camaro zl1 50th edition (LIKE if u agree)

  9. So for the rat truck its actually meant to be i think a International Harvester D2

  10. 2:03
    Me: Mom can we buy bumblebee
    Mom: No we have Bumblebee at home
    Bumblebee at home….

  11. The rear of the deviant is from a Plimouth Barracuda 1970

  12. thank you so much for showing me this video now i know some cars that im gonna buy in gta if i could but for the voodoo that picture well its litterly the impala so u dont need changes but okay

  13. How do you get the rusty ruiner my friends and I are trying to find the weirdest custom options in the game

  14. Dominator GTX tail lights also resemble 2013-19 Lincoln Mkz a little

  15. And I’m here thinking the Ruiner is similar to the RX-7 FC3S

  16. The Albany buccaneer does look like a riviera but it also looks like a 1960s gto
    And in my opinion the deviant also looks like a cross between a javelin and a barracuda

  17. 2:03 the Schyster Deviant Is not So accurate!

  18. I came for the blade the first one is the blade im out

  19. Honestly the 60s and 70s had the coolest cars, now they’re just boring 4 cylinders and hybrids and electric vehicles

  20. i think it’s silly to say the rear for the nightshade is a trans am when the trans am has literally the same shape and features as the camaro. So you could just say the nightshade was fully inspired by the camaro

  21. You are my favorite GTA V YouTuber. And this is probably my favorite video of yours because I love collecting muscle cars in GTA.

  22. Dukes is all a Pontiac GTO in my opinion.
    I think they made a charger, cartooned it (so it didn’t get copyrighted) and they didn’t know GTO’s existed?

  23. I thought all the time thats sabre is chevrolet chevele ~1969….

  24. Imperator will always be my favorite. Its a 1973 Ford falcon xb gt with a Weiand supercharger. Best American car to only be sold to Australia lol

  25. aint the front portion of the Imperator a Trans Am?

  26. For the 32 coupe I prefer the full name “5 window coupe” it sounds fancier

  27. 😯😬😯😬😯😬😯😬😯😬😯😬😯

  28. Sabre Gt one of the oldest and yet still the best looking imo

  29. Duke O Death is like a combination of Dominic Toretto and Mad Max

  30. Stallion front looks more like 1970s Plymouth Barracuda.

  31. I can barely ever find gta session with car enthusiasts I m down to do a big ass car meet any one down ps4 tho

  32. 3:19 Im not saying your wrong but i think that could be a monte carlo ss 1985

  33. Im not completely sure, but I think the dominator has a little bit of camaro and challenger mixed in, just a mutt of muscle

  34. For the general lee car what color did you use for secondary color

  35. The Yosemite is not a 67 I would say a 1968-70 maybe because the rear window is a bigger unlike a 67. The 67 has a smaller window than the later chevys but it has parts of a 67

  36. Actually if were talking real production, the front end of the Dominator Gtx mimics the 2019 Saleen mustang S 302. Check for yourself.

  37. Those cars are very beautiful I love the class, the shape of the car, its refined old shape, and its elegance at high speeds, I adore that the cars are Coquette but I prefer the Virgo, Vigero and Duke and perhaps the Saber # VINTAGECARS

  38. I disagree on the vigero, it looks more like a dodge charger 500 to me

  39. The Imponte Dukes front end looks more like a 71 to me, but its definitely named for the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, which was a 1969 Charger

  40. 1:41 Is a Mercury Coupe
    1:53 Backside of car is similar to Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427
    3:51 The front looks like a Mercury Coupe
    4:23 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport 396
    4:38 and 5:17 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM
    6:21 Rear bumper can also be Ford Mustang Boss 302

  41. Are there all cars from the video in story mode?

  42. Can make a updated 2021 list of the muscles please I love your videos and the muscles

  43. Love the Javelin! I have one myself and Im gonne recreate it in gta now!!

  44. My personal fav ingame is Gaunlet Classic (69 Dodge challenger) which can be modified to look like Charger Daytona

  45. I was googling to find out what the tulip is in real life and this video with the tulip and the irl as the THUMBNAIL is the FIRST RESULT 😂🤣

  46. i gotta say the Ruiner looks like the coolest car in the world, the FC3S (FC rx-7)

  47. For the record the entire declasse voodoo is the 1960 Chevy Impala Lowrider

  48. 7:08 it might just me but I see the Tampa more as a nova if customized right.

  49. The gauntlet is now proof its a challenger cause the gauntlet hellfire is a demon/hellcat/rt

  50. I like all of these mods but like…

    *can every car like not do a wheelie*

  51. Can’t be the only one who hates how low muscle cars are in gta

  52. The vapid clique is definitely the 1949 model year not 1953. Just my opinion 🙂

  53. On 7:27 we see Chevy Nova car, the myth says that in México that car didnt sale ok because of the name nova that can be heard in spanish like dont go; i recon Rockstar was aware of that myth for naming his counterpart car declasse as VAMOS spanish for lets go

  54. Petition Rockstar to give us a cuda, or any plymouth vehicle for that matter

    1. eventually, theyll give us a cuda but at price of 3 million or so.

  55. Nah man only wrong thing is the the Déclassé Voodoo rusty or clean is a 60 impala. Not a 64

  56. The Sabre Turbo is definitely a Chevelle except for the tail lights, and the Stallion is mostly a Barracuda

    1. This is my main car. I can sort of see the Chevelle, but I like to think of it as a 70s to early 80s Monte Carlo. I had a 74 back in the day.

  57. The Malibu was a trim package before it even became a car so the drclasse tulip is a chevelle

  58. I feel the topless Albany Buccaneer looks more like a Cadillac El dorado than a Buick Riviera, but I guess that’s mostly with Benny’s upgrades.

  59. You had a picture of a 1971 demon. Not a 70 dart lol

  60. 4:21 my favorite car. I like that the name is similar to the real one and also because of Supernatural 😋

  61. actually the voodoo is based of a 1960 impala and a 64 impala. declasse is the in game company for chevy so there cars are only based off chevy cars not two different companies just so you know